Tooth Extractions in Roswell, GA

Tooth Extractions in Roswell, GA

Experiencing a chronic toothache? Think you may need a tooth extraction in Roswell, GA? A common procedure our dentists provide to patients at Shenk Dental Care is known as a tooth extraction in Roswell, GA. Teeth extractions in Roswell are a common procedure that is used for a variety of reasons to improve a patient’s oral health. Are you in need of a tooth extraction? Read on to see what is involved and how it can benefit you.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction Roswell

What are the most common reasons for tooth extractions in the Roswell, GA area? One common reason is overcrowding in your mouth. When a new tooth emerges, such as a wisdom tooth, it may be too close to your already emerged teeth. This causes overcrowding and can eventually lead to more severe issues. Another reason for tooth extractions are when an infection begins to cause tooth decay. It is a danger when the infection begins to spread to the surrounding teeth. Your dentist may then recommend a tooth extraction to protect your teeth. If you or your child are planning on getting dental braces, then you may need a tooth extraction to align your teeth properly. One last reason for extracting your teeth is due to tooth trauma. Severe trauma may lead to the necessity of tooth extractions.

Schedule Your Tooth Extraction in Roswell, GA

If you think you are in need of tooth extraction, then visit our clinic. Contact our dentists at Shenk Dental Care in Roswell, GA if you are in need of dental care to improve your health. Our dentists are ready to assist you! Call us today to schedule your next dental appointment with one of our dentist.

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