Preventive Dentistry in Roswell, GA

Preventive Dentistry in Roswell, GA

Good oral health care is vital to keeping your overall body healthy. Our dentists at Shenk Dental Care realize the importance of regular dental cleanings and exams at least twice a year to keep up with your preventive dentistry needs in Roswell, GA. Our dentists offer a variety of preventive dentistry in Roswell, GA at our clinic. We also encourage patients to practice preventative dentistry at home. If you would like to learn more about preventive dentistry in Roswell, then read on.

Preventive Dental Services in Roswell, GA

Considering preventive dental services in Roswell? Preventive dentistry helps to eliminate painful procedures as a result of poor oral health habits. Brushing at least twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash are important in protecting your teeth. This helps to prevent a buildup of tartar and plaque and eliminate bacteria. Brushing properly is also important. Speak with our dentists to learn the proper brushing techniques. Poor brushing habits will lead to a buildup of bacteria and can cause infection. Proper flossing techniques will help to eliminate debris that can cause infection due to harmful bacteria especially below your gum line. Regular dental cleanings and exams are vital in preventative dentistry. Your dentist will provide you with cavity checks and an oral cancer screening during your regular exams. Preventive dentistry is for people of all ages, so make sure your infants and children have good oral habits as well.

Schedule Your Preventive Dentistry in Roswell

Ask your dentist for more information on preventive dentistry and see what works for your smile. Contact our clinic to schedule your next preventive dentistry appointment with one of our dentists.

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