Invisalign in Roswell, GA

Invisalign in Roswell, GA

Considering Invisalign treatment in Roswell, GA? You are probably one of thousands of people who dream of having the perfect set of straight teeth. Our dentists at Shenk Dental Care in Roswell, GA want to make your dreams come true with Invisalign treatment in Roswell, GA. Invisalign in Roswell, GA is an affordable and effective treatment that discreetly helps to realign your smile. To learn more about this Invisalign in Roswell at Shenk Dental Care, read on.

Invisalign Treatment Roswell

Invisalign uses clear trays to align your teeth. These plastic trays are designed to be used every day and are customized to work with your smile. You are allowed to take your aligners while eating and to clean them properly. Your dentist will provide you with a new set frequently until your alignment is finally corrected. Each patient’s circumstance will depend on the length of overall usage time. Invisalign varies greatly from traditional wire braces. The biggest appeal to Invisalign is its discreet clear trays. It will be hard for the rest of the world to see your trays. You are also allowed to eat more variety of foods with Invisalign. Traditional braces limit you to foods that won’t damage your brackets and wires. Finally, Invisalign treatment is more comfortable than traditional braces and will help boost your self-confidence.

Schedule Invisalign Treatment in Roswell, GA

If you are in need of realigning your smile, then consider Invisalign treatment. We are confident you will be pleased with your new Invisalign treatment. Contact our clinic to schedule a consultation with our dentists and see if Invisalign is right for you!

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