Why You Need to Reconsider Your Myths about an Invisalign Procedure

Sep 01, 2020

Perfectly aligned teeth provide you with a confident smile. Crooked smiles, overcrowded, misaligned, and misshapen teeth require treatment. Untreated misaligned teeth may lead to oral health issues and adversely affect your smile.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners don’t irritate your oral tissues, and they properly rectify your misaligned teeth. With Invisalign, you are not restricted to certain foods. For conventional braces, food particles stick between the wires and pose a threat to your oral health. Clear orthodontic aligners serve as an ideal alternative to traditional braces.

What Does Invisalign Procedure Entail?

Invisalign refers to an advanced approach used to straighten your teeth. It utilizes explicit, durable, and smooth plastic material. The transparent aligners are custom-made to fit on your dental perfectly.

Your orthodontist may recommend using each set of invisible braces after two weeks to ensure an effective treatment. The aligners gradually correct your teeth positions by moving your teeth to their desired positions.

The orthodontic devices are invisible, ensuring that you undertake treatment unnoticeably. The treatment leaves you with a perfect set of teeth and a vibrant smile. The clear aligners correct the following dental imperfections:

  • Malocclusions resulted from your jaw bone’s improper positioning leading to underbites, overbites, and crossbites. Poor bites may result in chipped teeth, risk of having cavities, gum diseases, and worn out oral tissues. Invisalign rectify your poor bites by shifting your teeth in suitable positions.
  • The gaps between your teeth will likely be affected by cavities and gum diseases. The spaces trap food particles where bacterial thrive due to the formation of plaque. Once you undergo treatment, the gaps are fixed.

What You Should Expect During Your Treatment

Clear aligners exert gentle pressure on your teeth to ensure they are functionally and aesthetically aligned. You’ll need regular visits to your orthodontist for examinations, and ensure your teeth move to the desired positions. Proper monitoring of your progress will ensure that the treatment is effective. Unlike traditional braces, the aligners don’t have any discomforts.

Your specialist may recommend you to wear retainers after the treatment to ensure your teeth don’t shift back to their original positions. The duration for treatment will depend on the severity of your misaligned teeth. The procedure can take about 18 months.

Aligners are convenient since they are removable, but you need to put them on for about 20 hours daily to ensure they are effective. You can remove them while eating and undergoing dental cleaning. It’s crucial to rinse your mouth with recommended dental products before wearing them to ensure proper oral hygiene.

Taking Care of Your Invisible Braces

Clear aligners are custom-made from easily stained or discoloured materials, and you need to take care of them properly. Below are some of the measures your dentist may recommend:

  • Remove your aligners daily for cleaning to observe proper oral hygiene
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean them to remove any food debris, and use antibacterial solutions.
  • Clean your teeth properly before wearing your aligners to remove any food particles trapped between them, leading to the formation of cavities and oral infections.
  • Remove and soak aligners in recommended solutions by your orthodontist. Rinse them to prevent the buildup of plaque.

Why You Are an Ideal Candidate for Invisalign

Undergoing treatment with braces near you ensures you find a convenient, comfortable, and virtually invisible solution for your misaligned teeth. The orthodontic appliances are easy to clean and remove. However, if you have severe conditions, you may be limited to the procedure, and some of the issues include:

  • Receding gums
  • Weakened jawbones
  • Severe malocclusions
  • Severe gum diseases

Your dentist can use Invisalign with braces near you to achieve proper alignment. Ensure you consult your specialist to examine and determine whether you are suitable for the treatment.

Invisalign Treatment in Roswell, GA

At Shenk Dental Care, we offer exceptional oral care services. We utilized advanced technology to ensure all our procedures are anxiety-free and friendly to your oral tissues. We use Invisalign to revamp your smile and correct your misaligned and crooked teeth.

Our dentist in Roswell, GA, recommends an Invisalign procedure over convectional braces to treat misaligned teeth. Our experienced team uses custom-made aligners to align your teeth in desired positions.

Crowded, crooked, and misaligned teeth may lead to severe complications, and you need to undergo treatment. Please schedule an appointment with our dental practitioners today, and ensure that you find treatment for your misaligned teeth.

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