Why Would I Need a dental crown?

Feb 01, 2023

Dental crowns are tooth caps bonded on damaged teeth. The crowns help protect and cover besides restoring the tooth’s shape if fillings are inadequate to resolve the problem. Materials like porcelain, metals, resin, and ceramics help make dental crowns that don’t require special attention besides regular good dental care.

Who Needs Dental Crowns?

You might need a dental crown if you have teeth with extensive decay that fillings cannot restore or weakened teeth requiring protection from breaking or falling apart. If you have cracked teeth, you receive help from custom-created dental crowns bonded over your teeth for protection. Dental crowns also help extensively worn teeth, besides helping replace missing teeth with dental bridges or implants.

If you have a severely discolored tooth, consider making aesthetic improvements by getting a dental crown from the dentist 30075. In addition, if you have recently undergone root canal therapy, the treatment renders your tooth fragile, making it prone to fractures and breakage, needing help from dental crowns to restore its strength and functionality.

Why Choose Dental Crowns?

Custom-created and fitted dental crowns in Roswell, GA, last for decades significantly longer than dental fillings. In contrast to dental fillings, dental crowns encase the entire tooth protecting it against decay later. Crowns are essential to cover implants because they are ideal for mimicking the precise color and shape of the tooth that needs replacement.

Dental crowns also help to hold cracked teeth together, preventing the need for extractions. They are also helpful for closing gaps between teeth and correcting minor issues with teeth positioning if you don’t want to endure orthodontic treatment. Finally, dental crowns also help cover stained or misshapen teeth, producing a beautiful smile and boosting self-confidence.

What Does a Dental Crown Procedure Involve?

The dental crown procedure depends on the variety of crowns you select. When you meet the dentist in Roswell to restore your damaged or decayed tooth, expect the professional to take x-rays of the tooth and bone surrounding it, looking for signs of decay or damage. If you have infections in the tooth, the dentist suggests undergoing a root canal before preparing your tooth for the dental crown.

Preparation for a dental crown requires the dentist to reshape your tooth according to the material you have selected for the restoration. For example, if you need a metal crown, the dentist doesn’t need to remove extensive tooth structure compared to more aesthetic porcelain crowns. While removing tooth enamel past the dentin, the dentist gives you local anesthesia to ensure comfort. After reshaping your tooth, the dentist near you impressions it for the dental laboratory to custom create your restoration and provides you temporary acrylic crowns, which you must endure for three weeks until your permanent restoration is ready for bonding over your teeth.

You must revisit the dentist after three weeks when the dental lab would have delivered your permanent restoration. During the second and final appointment, the dentist starts the procedure by removing the temporary acrylic restorations and checks the permanent crown for color and fit. All things being acceptable dentist bonds your chosen dental crown over your damaged tooth using special dental cement to ensure it remains fixed in place.

How to Arrange Your Own Dental Crown?

Do you want to arrange a dental crown yourself without help from friends or family? You must prepare to embark on a journey by researching Dr. Judd Shenk to discuss dental crowns, especially if you are worried about extensive tooth decay or damage in a specific tooth and think a dental crown is the best solution to fix the tooth instead of getting it extracted.

The doctor will undoubtedly examine your tooth to determine the extent of damage and suggest a restoration best suited for your needs after considering factors like the location of the damaged tooth, your insurance coverage, and your personal preferences before proceeding further with tooth preparation. However, you must arrange time for at least two visits to the dentist spread apart three weeks to enable the professional to get your dental crown customized from a dental laboratory with your choice of materials.

After getting the tooth fixed with a dental crown, you must continue caring for it like your natural teeth if you desire the restoration to stay in your mouth for over a decade. However, if you take proper care of the repair, you can extend its longevity to 15 years before needing a replacement.

If you have decayed, discolored, or damaged teeth, kindly consult Shenk Dental Care — Roswell, providing excellent restorations with dental crowns to fix your teeth. Do not fear the dental crown procedure because it is relatively straightforward and helps protect your tooth for a decade or more.

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