Why Is Regular Cleaning so Important for Your Oral Health?

Feb 05, 2019

Oral hygiene is often overlooked by us. Dental hygiene is as crucial as is our overall health. According to Roswell dentist dental cleanings are the foremost recommended treatment for patients.

Read on to find the importance of professional dental cleanings.

Reduces Plaque and Cavities

No matter how regularly you brush and floss, there’s always a chance of plaque built up on your tooth. Plaque if left untreated can cause decay and cavities. In professional dental cleaning this plaque is removed carefully without damaging your enamel.

Prevents Tooth Loss

According to dentist in GA 30075, when the plaque is left untreated it also leads to gum diseases. Periodontal disease or gum disease can lead to tooth loss. Gum diseases can weaken your bones and slowly you can lose your tooth. Professional dental cleanings can avoid this drastic situation.

Removes Stains

Stained teeth and discolored teeth can make you less confident. You may be embarrassed to show your smile because of stained teeth. Teeth cleanings also help in making your teeth shinier and whiter as the plaque or the discoloration can be cleaned with the professional dental cleanings.

Freshen Breath

Dentist near Roswell, GA says that many people are embarrassed to speak more or smile more because of bad breath. Bad breath is not always a caused because of bad oral hygiene but sometimes poor health conditions can also cause bad breath. Regular dental visits ensure that you have good teeth but also the underlying problems can be addressed.

You need to maintain a good oral hygiene for your teeth and your overall health. Neglecting oral health can have adverse effects on your health. Professional dental cleanings can make you healthier by monitoring conditions like gum diseases, diabetes, oral cancers and the like. Oral cancer is a very critical ailment. With an oral cancer screening, the dentist can diagnose cancer symptoms and the patient can be treated at an early stage. It will be surprising that over 90% of conditions that negatively impact our bodies have oral symptoms, the link between oral health and overall health is easy to see.

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