When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Aug 01, 2022

Does a tooth dislodge guarantee a dental extraction? Absolutely not! A tooth extraction procedure is avoidable if your tooth can be saved from permanent loss. Also, the process is complex and may lead to anxiety. However, instances or unprecedented dental occurrences may compel your dentist to perform a tooth extraction.

Our emergency dentist in Roswell determines the scenarios that require a dental extraction and recommends other dental procedures that can save your tooth. The process is invasive and is done pre-determined by your oral health specialist. Here are various reasons why you need to have your tooth pulled out.

What’s Tooth Extraction?

A dental extraction is a procedure where your tooth is permanently pulled out of its dental alveolus. Your oral surgeon performs the procedure after examining your teeth, gum tissues, and your mouth. However, you can avoid tooth removal and preserve your permanent tooth from loss.

Your dentist administers a local anesthetic on the tissues around the tooth to be extracted and alleviate pain. Our emergency dentist in Roswell determines the ideal type of tooth extraction based on its location and the nature of the affected tooth.

Tooth Extraction Process

Tooth extraction dentist in Roswell involves dental examination using digital X-rays. Your specialist also checks on your medical history, including the medications you are undertaking. You are likely to be exempted from undertaking a dental extraction if the jaw bone is at risk of deteriorating. Tooth extraction can be done in two different categories, including:

  • Simple Extractions: the procedure is performed on visible teeth under local anesthesia
  • Surgical Extractions: the processes occur if your teeth are impacted or broken under the gum line. Before extraction, your oral surgeon performs an incision to elevate soft tissues around the affected tooth. Additionally, your affected tooth may be split into pieces for removal.

Reasons Why You Need to Undergo A Dental Extraction

Pulling out of a tooth is an extensive procedure and can be avoided. Our tooth extraction dentist in Roswell can perform the process due to the following reasons:

Severely Decayed Tooth That’s Irreparable

Dr. Judd Shenk recommends you undergo a tooth extraction if your decayed tooth affects the pulp. If the decay extends to the tooth roots, it may lead to infections and bone deterioration. Tooth removal is paramount if a root canal can’t prevent the disease or further deterioration.

periodontal disease

The dentist near you can perform various periodontal therapies. However, tooth extraction would be helpful if the gum disease has affected the alveolar bone and periodontal ligaments. Your dentist can manage gingivitis and restore your oral health, but it can lead to severe conditions if the disease spreads.

Impacted tooth

Our dentist at 30075 may recommend tooth removal if a tooth can’t fully erupt from the gum line. An impacted wisdom tooth causes severe pain and may lead to severe oral health complications in the long run, including infections.

Overcrowded teeth

If you’ve undergone an orthodontic procedure and there’s no space left for realignment or your teeth are overcrowded, some of your teeth may be extracted.

Traumatic injury: unprecedented accidents may occur, causing severe damage to your tooth. If alternative options like dental bonding aren’t suitable, your tooth may undergo dental extraction.

Tooth Extraction Cost

A tooth extraction cost varies based on various aspects, including whether your tooth is impacted, the location of the tooth to be extracted, and the level of damage. A simple extraction may range from $75 to $200. Additionally, the type of anesthesia administered or the sedation administered may lead to additional costs.

The cost of pulling out an impacted wisdom tooth may be up to $800. Different localities have varying costs for a dental extraction, as the services are tailored based on your personalized needs.

Periodic dental appointments and a proper oral hygiene regimen preserve your teeth from permanent loss. However, some oral issues may compel the dentist near you to perform a dental extraction.

Numerous reasons may lead to tooth removal, but your dentist at 30075 recommends various approaches to preserve the tooth from permanent loss. However, if the tooth must be extracted, our specialists at Shenk Dental Care ensure the procedure is painless and safe for you.

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