How to Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits (Before They’re Gone!)

Sep 24, 2017

Fourth quarter is upon us. The holidays take center-stage but your remaining dental insurance benefits are also important to keep on your mind.

Unlike some of those looming holiday expenses, you’ve already paid for your dental insurance benefits. They’re yours to use…before the year ends (in a bit over three months).

A not-so endless cycle

There’s an annual life-cycle to your dental insurance benefits. It’s also applicable to your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or your Health Savings Account (HSA).

Why waste what’s yours? You have an opportunity to improve you and your family’s oral health so take advantage of your benefits.

Health enhancing ways to use your dental insurance benefits before they’re gone

You can reduce your out-of-pocket treatment expenses. Make good use of your dental insurance coverage by scheduling the procedure you’ve been putting off.

Ask us about your coverage allowances, how much you’ve used to date, and whether a treatment planned procedure is fully or partially covered.

  • Restore your damaged or decayed tooth before it worsens and increases your cost. A dental crown or dental filling could be among your allowable coverages with your remaining benefits.
  • Replace your missing or damaged tooth to avoid further tooth and gum damage. Apply your unused or remaining dental coverage to the cost of a dental implant, a dental bridge, an implant-supported denture, or dentures.
  • Renew your commitment to healthy teeth and gums with preventive dentistry. Schedule you and your family’s next dental examination and teeth cleaning. Most dental insurance plans allow two exams and cleanings per calendar year.

Contact our Roswell dental office with your questions about dental insurance coverage. Schedule your treatment before the end of the year to take full advantage of your benefits.

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