Two Reasons to Keep Dental Implants Front-of-Mind

Nov 27, 2017

Are you a forward thinker? Looking ahead is a good idea especially when you’re comparing treatments such as dental implants.

True, you don’t plan to experience tooth loss. But it’s beneficial to know your options and how they compare before you’re forced to decide.

Since we mentioned dental implants…

There are two primary reasons for considering implants for tooth replacement. Each provide you an amount of information to make an informed decision when you have a missing tooth or missing teeth.

1-Dental implants have a reputation for success

Tooth loss can be ignored or treated. Treatment is, of course, highly recommended.

Delayed tooth replacement is risky to your oral health. Depending on your tooth loss condition solutions typically include a dental bridge or dentures.

The primary risk associated with tooth loss is losing bone tissue. Overtime, your jawbone can weaken and erode making tooth replacement more challenging.

Though common for tooth replacement, dentures can further complicate your bone loss or fit poorly due to the lack of supportive bone. Keep in mind that poor fit can cause more bone tissue erosion.

Dental bridges are a go-to tooth replacement also. But the treatment relies on the health and support of your remaining teeth.

The success of dental implants is confirmed by their ability to be anchored into your bone tissue. They preserve your tissue health without directly affecting your surrounding teeth.

2-Dental implants are a cost-saving, long-term investment

Treatment costs can add up. It’s important to evaluate cost-effectiveness alongside a procedure’s longevity.

Tooth replacement with a dental bridge, for example, could require additional treatment if a supportive tooth fails or the bridge structure is damaged. Preparation costs are also involved.

A dental implant forms a new tooth root. It adapts to your bone and gum tissue to provide a secure, long-lasting foundation for your new tooth on the surface.

Implant supported procedures are also more secure and require less ongoing maintenance. Proper care with routine check-ups and professional teeth cleanings will help assure that your supportive tissue and your implant remains healthy.

Contact our Roswell dental implants office about your cost-effective and long-term options for tooth replacement. Schedule a consultation and examination to discuss dental implants as a secure, long-lasting solution for tooth loss.

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