Why Tooth Loss Matters and What to Do Next

Dec 02, 2016

Not everything that happens matters. But some happenings can have a long term effect that requires your attention sooner rather than later.

Tooth loss is one of those circumstances. A single missing tooth sets in motion a series of dental health issues.

Your first reaction

No doubt, losing a tooth is traumatic however it happens. It’s common to immediately take a look at how it affects your appearance.

Is there a gap? Does it change how my smile looks?

These are common questions. Yet, there’s one that you should ask once those preliminary concerns are out of the way.

The primary issue

Losing a single tooth triggers a chain of events in your mouth. It doesn’t happen immediately but the longer you delay the more your risk increases.

Chewing is one downside. This can lead to diet and digestive issues.

You will naturally begin to compensate for the missing tooth by shifting the burden to your other teeth. Misalignment and shifting can result over time when your surrounding teeth have to take up the slack.

Your tooth root and jawbone tissue are designed to work together. A missing tooth that’s not replaced can eventually create bone loss and impact your surrounding teeth.

A solution to consider

Tooth replacement is necessary and recommended following the loss of a tooth or teeth. Dental implant treatment is a solid, secure tooth replacement solution.

Your implant creates a new tooth root. The anchor point for your new surface tooth also stimulates and renews the health of your bone and gum tissue in the missing tooth location.

A dental crown that’s placed on the surface will restore your ability to chew. It also provides an appealing and natural looking new tooth that’s visible when you smile.

Contact your Roswell dentist about your tooth loss or missing tooth. Schedule a dental examination to discuss solutions for tooth replacement and restoring your health and appearance.

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