Tooth Infection Risks and the Solution that Works

Jul 24, 2017

Who knew that your teeth are so complex? It’s what you don’t immediately notice that can cause problems such as a tooth infection.

Your teeth are a multi-layered structure. Deep within is the pulp.

And that’s where infection can do damage.

How tooth infection starts

An oral infection (abscess) can occur on the surface of your gums around your tooth. This type of infection is painful and requires treatment to prevent further tooth and tissue damage.

Internal infection within your tooth root or pulp can be caused by a cavity or tooth damage. Cracks, chips, or fractures on a tooth provide an environment for bacteria to multiply.

Bacteria thrive within your saliva and the plaque build-up on your teeth. Bacterial growth is what leads to a tooth infection that will eventually attack your internal pulp.

What to be aware of

You might not immediately notice the signs of a tooth infection. Once it worsens you can experience hot and cold teeth sensitivity, pain, swelling in your gums, or bad breath.

Warnings are beneficial for your oral health. And treatment is available.

Why treatment is a good idea

Ignoring the symptoms of a tooth infection or delaying treatment can lead to tooth loss. A root canal is the most common procedure to treat a tooth infection, save your tooth from an extraction, and eliminate your pain.

The good news is that root canal therapy has evolved. It’s a comfortable treatment that uses local anesthetic and available sedation to assist with removing your tooth infection.

Your tooth pulp is cleaned and the infection is removed. It’s common for a dental crown to be placed onto your treated tooth to strengthen and protect it.

The complexity of your teeth are a benefit to you. Protecting them involves an awareness of any threats to their health including an infection.

Contact our Roswell dental office with any symptoms of a tooth infection. Schedule an oral examination to diagnose the cause and to discuss treatment including a root canal.

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