A Tooth Abscess is Serious and Here’s Why

Aug 26, 2016

“Do something about it before it gets worse!” Good advice?

Perhaps an even better warning when you have a dental cavity, trauma to your teeth and gums, or tooth decay. “Worse” can equal a tooth abscess.

An abscess can form when infection occurs deep within the structure of your tooth. It’s more of a threat when the infection affects the interior pulp of your tooth.

The risk

No doubt when you have a tooth abscess. Pain is the first indicator.

The abscess begins when the infected area cannot adequately drain. Without treatment your pain will increase and you risk tooth loss.

Blame oral bacteria. They attack the internal tissue of your teeth.

The infection caused by bacteria can eventually impact your gum and bone tissue. The final blow of a tooth abscess can kill your tooth root.

This is common

Pay attention to your toothaches. They’re a frequent warning that something is not right with your teeth and gums.

Swelling and redness in your gums, throbbing, or pain when chewing are also an indicator of infection.

You’ll need some help on this

Contact your Roswell dental office when you’re aware that you have an oral infection. The pain might diminish yet this isn’t an indication that your infection has healed.

Antibiotics can be prescribed during the early phase of infection. This helps eliminate the bacteria and prepare the infected area for treatment.

A tooth abscess will require another level of treatment in addition to antibiotics. Depending on the amount of damage to your tooth root, a root canal can be necessary to prevent tooth loss.

Contact your Roswell dentist about your tooth pain. Schedule an examination to check for a tooth abscess or the extent of your oral infection.

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