Tips to Find an Emergency Dentist

Jun 07, 2022

Dental emergencies can occur or happen at any time or any day. Therefore, staying prepared is wise. However, we never know when the accidents will happen.

If you or your child have a dental emergency, you should visit an emergency dentistry near you for treatment. Don’t let yourself suffer from the pain when your dentist can help you with the problem. Here are types of dental emergencies that will require you to visit an emergency dentist.

What is Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is an issue involving your teeth and supporting tissues that are of importance to be treated by your dentist. Dental emergencies don’t involve pain, although this’s a common sign of a dental emergency. Instead, pain can come from your tooth and surrounding tissues. Depending on the pain you are experiencing, your dental professional will treat the issue.

Types of Dental Emergencies

There are types of dental emergencies that need you to seek an emergency dentist in Roswell, GA. They include:


Toothache indicates various dental problems, and the cause should be identified to take care of it. They are also common on people’s faces. Toothaches can be moderate or severe. The common causes of toothache are something stuck between your two teeth or pulp infections. It’s essential to see a dentist if your tooth pain suddenly comes and gets progressively worse.

Also, if your tooth erupts, it causes toothaches, but you can take over-the-counter pain relievers to treat it. However, if your toothache is related to broken teeth, tooth trauma or tooth decay needs to be evaluated by Dr. Judd Shenk. You should clean the painful area with warm water. Ensure you don’t apply heat to the area around your tooth. Also, use a piece of ice and apply it to the area to reduce swelling and pain.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

Contact us at Shenk Dental Care in Roswell if you break your tooth. Dental emergencies such as broken teeth need you to take quick action. This helps determine if you save the tooth or lose it and avoid infection or more invasive dental treatment.

You should use cold compresses to apply to the area to reduce the pain and rinse your mouth with water. Also, find any tooth fragments, save them and take them to your dentist’s office.

Tooth Loss

If you have knocked out or lost your tooth, you should immediately see your dentist. Also, the neighboring teeth can have sustained injuries, and everyone wants to ensure the roots of their permanent teeth are not damaged.

Before you get to your dentist, you should find your lost tooth and don’t touch the roots, just the crown. Ensure when cleaning the tooth, you don’t scrub it and try to reinsert the tooth into its socket. Also, make sure the tooth is moist until you reach our Roswell dentist.

Tooth Displacement

This tooth has been hit and has become loose but hasn’t been knocked out entirely. You should treat the tooth with care. How your dentist treats the tooth depends if your tooth is primary or permanent. The permanent teeth need attention to ensure it isn’t infected or in danger of dying. If you have a displaced tooth, visit our emergency dentist in Roswell for treatment.

Broken Dental Appliances

This is also a dental emergency. If your appliances are causing pain or badly broken that food is getting in the break, it needs to be checked as soon as possible. Depending on your severity, you may need to see a dentist in 30075 right away.

Oral Infection

An oral infection causes a lot of pain and can spread to other parts of the body. You should see your dentist immediately because if the infection is left untreated, it can cause serious health problems.

What are the Tips for Choosing an Emergency Dentist?

Some of the tips to help you find an emergency dentist easily include:

Look in Your City or General Area

You shouldn’t drive for long to find an emergency dentist. So, you should always visit the nearest emergency dentist.

Inquire About Their Hours

Ensure you find out the hours of an emergency dentist.

Please Find Out the Services They Provided

Always inquire about the services the dentist offers. This will be easier to find an emergency dentist who handles dental restorations.

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