Don’t Rush This if You Want a Successful Dental Implant Treatment

Sep 09, 2016

There’s a reason dental implants remain a top tooth replacement solution. It’s also associated with a common question about the treatment.

Implant placement requires oral surgery. It would make sense for you to want to know how long the healing period lasts.

Your dental implant procedure is primarily about allowing necessary time for the implant to adapt to your bone and gum tissue.

That period of time is essentially what makes the treatment effective. Dental implants exceed mere cosmetic benefits by creating a solid, fully functional tooth.

Your healing time will vary. But it’s among the most important phases of implant dentistry.

Your primary healing factor

The health of your jawbone and surrounding gum tissue has a significant impact on speed and duration of healing. You must also extend the time frame if you require a bone graft.

Your healing period will last from two to four months on average. The vital part of this season is allowing your new implant to adapt to your surrounding bone tissue.

Post-treatment instructions help assure that your implant is adapting properly. It’s important to avoid stress on the treatment site such as biting and chewing aggressively.

The surprising benefits of your dental implant (and a few risks)

Restored tooth function is a key benefit of dental implant treatment. This is due to the implant forming a solid, new tooth root.

A dental crown creates the surface, visible tooth portion. The crown is not vulnerable to cavities or decay but it does require as your implant does.

And about those risks…

Be aware of any gum issues post implant placement. Inflammation can lead to a gum infection and eventually bone loss around your dental implant.

Periodontal (gum) disease affects your gum tissue. The same can impact the tissue that surrounds your implant also.

Keep your implant, crown, bone tissue, and gum tissue healthy. Routine follow-up, examinations, and teeth cleanings help maintain the health of your gums.

Healthy gums naturally produce a healthy dental implant. This leads to long-lasting treatment results.

Contact your Roswell dentist about your tooth loss or tooth damage. Schedule an examination to discuss dental implant treatment as a missing tooth solution.

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