A Solution for Teeth Grinding and Why It’s Important for Your Dental Health

Mar 27, 2017

Pain is often a reminder that something’s not right. For example, you want to awaken from a night’s sleep and not consistently feel a headache or jaw pain.

Those are common symptoms of teeth grinding and more specifically “night-grinding.” The technical term is bruxism.

There are other issues that result from this oral health condition. In addition to the pain teeth grinding can cause damaging wear to your teeth and any dental treatment you’ve received such as veneers or dental crowns.

The main issue

Tooth wear that occurs can complicate your dental health. A night guard can treat bruxism or teeth grinding.

Your teeth are designed to fit together for effective biting, chewing, and smiling. Any wear can affect your tooth alignment and lead to the need for more costly dental treatment.

Cavities, decay, and teeth sensitivity can develop also. Tooth wear caused by grinding can create cracks that make your teeth more vulnerable to bacteria growth.

And there’s that noise associated with teeth grinding too…

How a night guard works

A night guard is custom fitted to your mouth and bite alignment. It’s professional design uses a soft material that fits perfectly over an arch or row of your teeth.

Your night guard prevents your upper and lower teeth from making contact during sleep. This eliminates wear, creates proper alignment, and produces a more restful sleep.

Contact your Roswell dentist about your tooth wear and head or jaw pain. Schedule a dental examination to discuss teeth grinding and how a night guard can help.

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