A Solution for Problem Dentures

Jul 22, 2016

There are reasons you choose dentures. Tooth loss is the most obvious and common one.

If you’re considering dentures or if you’ve worn them for awhile there’s something you will eventually face. Changes that you experience with your dentures become noticeable the longer you wear them.

A primary concern

Some changes are welcome. The renewed ability to chew, eat, and smile with confidence for starters.

There’s one change you will eventually deal with. And it’s a primary reason you will wonder if dentures are a good choice.

Dentures have a variety of benefits including cost effectiveness and fast tooth replacement. But over time concerns can arise with denture treatment.

The shifting, movement, and slippage you feel prompts a concern. The reason: your jaw bone beneath your denture is gradually wearing down.

The loss of a tooth includes the loss of your tooth root. An intact root positively affects the health of your bone tissue.

Tooth loss leads to root loss. This creates instability in your jawbone.

This is a common and primary concern when you wear dentures. It doesn’t happen overnight but it will eventually.


Security you can count on

Dental implants are a secure tooth replacement solution. They also have benefit for you as a denture wearer.

An implant supported denture combines the convenience of dentures with the stability of dental implants. The implant forms a new tooth root that adapts to your bone tissue and maintains its health.

Picture your denture attached to as many as four dental implants. The strategically placed implants form a stable foundation for your denture.

Denture confidence

You will continue experiencing the same lifestyle benefits of your denture such as smiling and chewing confidently. Plus you will eliminate the movement that’s common with dentures.

The implants provide your most vital result. You will experience more stability and reduce the risk to your bone tissue by supporting your denture with dental implants.

Contact your Roswell dentist about implant supported dentures. Schedule a consultation for more information about the treatment and the implant denture options to secure your denture.

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