Selecting the Appropriate Type of Dental Filling for Your Tooth

Aug 01, 2021

Dental hygiene and care have advanced significantly, but tooth decay hasn’t caught up with the advances and remains in its position. American children and adults frequently confront the problem of cavities requiring dental fillings or treatments from the emergency dentist in Roswell. If left untreated, Americans must understand tooth decay causes severe dental health problems, including abscessed teeth and tooth loss.

Visiting the dentist near you every six months is essential for most children and adults. The dental visits help the professional check for signs of tooth decay and other dental health issues. If the dentist identifies tooth decay and cavities, they recommend the dental filling procedure to repair the damage and minor fractures as a method of restorative dental treatment.

Dental fillings help to even out the tooth’s surface and improve its function for biting and chewing. If you suffer from the sensitivity of the teeth due to loss of enamel, dental filling placement from dentist in Roswell, GA, significantly improves the sensitivity.

How to Proceed If Recommended a Dental Filling?

If recommended a dental filling by dentist 30075, the procedure begins by inspecting your tooth to determine the best course of action. Dental fillings are best used for minor fractures and decay. If the damage is severe, you may need other therapeutic treatments with a dental crown or dental implant.

The dentist examines the tooth with a dental probe and liquid for detecting caries when investigating the problematic area. The location and severity of the decay are investigated using help from a dental x-ray.

There are various materials suitable for a dental filling to seal a cavity, helping to prevent any additional damage to the tooth resulting from decay. For example, the materials used for filling holes include composite resin, porcelain, silver amalgam, glass ionomer, and gold inlays. Selecting an appropriate material for the filling will depend on specific factors like the cavity’s location, medical history, aesthetic requirements, preference, and financial situation.

The Filling Placement Procedure

The initial step in the filling placement procedure is administering local anesthesia to numb the affected tooth. The anesthesia ensures you are comfortable throughout the process.

The next step is to prepare the decayed or damaged tooth and its surrounding areas for restoration. The Roswell dentist may use a dental drill or lasers to remove the damaged parts of the tooth before applying a cleansing gel to eliminate any remaining bacteria or debris in the hollow space. The filling material you have selected is then used in the area to seal the cavity.

If you have chosen composite resin fillings, isolation of the affected tooth is essential. The isolation aims to prevent any interference by moisture in the bonding process during composite restorations. To achieve this goal, dentists place various adhesives in the tooth before the composite material. After that, they harden the composite using a unique bonding light.

Finally, the restored tooth is polished to conclude the filling placement procedure.

Follow-Up after Dental Filling

After getting dental fillings for your damaged or decayed tooth, the dentist spends some time with you to discuss how you can prevent decay from forming beneath or near the filler. The suggestions recommended by the dentist help in preventing decay in the other teeth.

If you are at a high risk of dental caries, you may discuss the placement of dental sealants over your molars at the rear of the mouth to prevent plaque buildup and decay in the area. Follow-up appointments with the dentist are essential to assess the progress of the tooth with the filling and for regular professional cleanings.

How to Select the Appropriate Filling Material for Your Tooth?

The optimal method to select the appropriate filling material for your tooth is to discuss your needs with the Roswell dentist and request an opinion from them. You can have any material you want for the filling if you are not concerned about your aesthetic appearance or the costs. Silver amalgam fillings are the most affordable and durable material. However, they don’t match the color of your teeth and are likely to be seen by everyone if you decide to have them on your front teeth. At the same time, composite fillings, despite being durable, may not be suitable for a tooth with high biting pressure. Therefore the better option is to seek advice from your dentist for the filling material and yourself.

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