How Dentures Work and the Keys to Being Satisfied with Them

Oct 07, 2016

Perhaps it’s a choice you prefer not to make. But when you’re confronted with tooth loss it’s a common solution.

Dentures restore your ability to eat, chew, and speak following total or partial tooth loss. They also eliminate appearance issues associated with missing teeth.

Top reasons for choosing dentures

Restored confidence ranks high as a denture benefit. Cost effectiveness is another.

You also have a variety of options with dentures. Each will depend on your specific tooth loss circumstance.

Complete dentures replace all your teeth following total tooth loss once your gum tissue has healed. Partial dentures or partials are a solution when you have one or more natural teeth remaining.

Partial dentures can be removable or fixed. The removable option is also known as a dental bridge and is connected with a metal frame to hold them in place.

Fixed partial dentures can be used to replace one or more of your missing teeth. Dental crowns are used and the bridge is cemented in place.

How to stay satisfied with your dentures

Denture treatment requires time to adjust. Give your gums and mouth time to adapt to the initial discomfort you can experience.

Monitor your speech when beginning to wear dentures. Share any concerns with us to improve your adjustment to wearing them.

Care for your dentures as you would your natural teeth. Following the specific cleaning recommendations and request a reline, an adjustment, or replacement as necessary.

Contact your Roswell dentist about tooth replacement. Schedule an examination to discuss full or partial denture treatment.

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