How to Keep Your Dental Health on the “Nice List” During the Holiday Season

Dec 08, 2017

This isn’t one of THOSE posts. You know the one that says, “Enjoy the holidays…but don’t destroy your dental health…!”

Let’s keep it “real.”

You’re going to eat and enjoy a variety of holiday sweets, treats, foods, and beverages. And you should unless you have dietary or other health related restrictions that prohibit you.


It’s what you do afterwards and the priorities you establish for your oral health that can have the biggest impact.

Your Roswell Dental Office has Tips that can keep your teeth healthy during the holidays

If you overdo it…do-it-over

Again, unless you shouldn’t for general health reasons, you’re probably going to enjoy some sugary favorites during the holiday season.

Overindulgence is the problem. Dental hygiene is the solution.

Eat…then brush your teeth. The longer sugar stays on your teeth the more damage it can do.

The do-over mindset reminds you that you can often overdo the sugar indulgence but you can counter it by repeating your dental health habits afterwards as soon as possible.

Protect your teeth

Some holiday treats are hard and sticky. Grandma’s peanut brittle is delicious but it could easily crack a tooth or displace a crown.

And remember that your teeth are designed for chewing. Use the handy nutcracker (not your teeth) after you’ve reached in the bowl for a pecan, walnut, almond, or chestnut.

Stay in-the-zone

Keep your oral health routine throughout the holidays. Late night parties and uncommon periods of eating can cause you to delay or forget about your dental routines.

Keep a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss handy for those off-the-grid occasions you’re away from home. A moment of attention given your teeth and gums can help them stay healthy when you’re schedule is different.

Keep your appointment

You might have planned ahead and scheduled your final dental check-up and teeth cleaning or treatment during December. That’s a good idea if you want to maximize your remaining dental insurance benefits.

It’s easy to postpone or cancel as your schedule tightens during the holidays. Stay committed to your appointment because delaying treatment could affect your health and related costs months from now.

We celebrate you and your commitment to good oral health. Contact our Roswell dental office to schedule your next dental examination or if you have a holiday dental emergency.

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