How a Dental Examination Improves Your Child’s Back-to-School Transition

Jul 31, 2017

It’s a parental priority. You want to see your child or children succeed in school, right?

It might surprise you to know that a dental examination can be the first step towards that goal. There are benefits including their oral health and saving you long term dental treatment costs.

Keep your kids from missing school

An estimated 51 million school hours are lost annually due to dental health issues. And the top chronic childhood illness is dental related as well.

It’s tooth decay and it can lead to a number of ongoing pediatric oral health issues. Teeth, gum, alignment issues and more can result from untreated decay and disease.

Prioritizing your child’s dental care helps prevent time out of the classroom and promotes healthy teeth and gums.

Start with a dental examination and teeth cleaning. These basic appointments (two times per year) enable you to stay aware of cavities and other threats to their dental health. And early treatment can also save you on treatment costs.

Important if they play sports

Dental injury or trauma is common for student athletes. A sports mouth guard can reduce your child’s risk of injury to their mouth, teeth, and gums.

Their teeth are better protected with a custom-fitted mouth guard. Proper fit helps assure protection from tooth fractures, broken teeth, gum damage, and other mouth injuries.

Contact us about a custom-fitted mouthguard for your student athlete. And while you’re doing so, schedule their next dental examination and teeth cleaning at our Roswell dental office.

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