How the Summer Months Could Tip Your Dental Health in the Right Direction

May 22, 2017

Summer’s approaching! And with it comes that laid back, take-it-easy vibe.

With that in mind it’s also the perfect season to invest in your dental health. The current year is nearing the halfway point, your kids are out of school, and you might have a vacation, a class reunion, or a wedding or two to attend.

But what does that have to do with dentistry?


Your dental health has a measure of prevention plus anticipation built into it. The more issues you can anticipate and stay ahead of the healthier and more appealing you and your family’s teeth and gums will be.

Many of our Roswell dental services help you stay current and prioritize your oral health.

Preventive dentistry

This broad category includes routine examinations (check-ups) and professional teeth cleanings with your dental hygienist. Scan your summer calendar and schedule you and your children’s next check-up and teeth cleaning before school starts in the fall.

Ask about dental sealants or dental fluoride during your next hygiene appointment. The protection provided by these procedures can save you time and costs in the months ahead.

Cosmetic dentistry

We mentioned your social calendar in a previous post. That includes vacations, family and class reunions, and weddings.

Those and other face-to-face events are motivation to assure that your teeth and gums are healthy and attractive. Lead with your smile through a variety of cosmetic dental procedures.

  • A professional, in-office teeth whitening treatment can transform your smile fast.
  • Gum treatment with the LANAP®️ Laser treatment can improve your gum health or be used to eliminate your “gummy smile” and improve your smile confidence.

Restorative dentistry

Have a dental filling or dental crown you’ve been postponing for yourself or one of your children? Treat decay and cavities now before they worsen.

Dental bonding is another tooth restoration that can produce health and appearance results. This quick procedure can strengthen your tooth structure that’s chipped, cracked, or broken or be used to fill small gaps between your teeth.


The summer, school’s-out season is a good time to schedule an orthodontic examination for your teenager. Beginning treatment with Invisalign®️ during the summer months will enable them to be oriented to wearing and protecting their aligners once school starts.

And with fall sports season approaching a custom-fitted mouthguard can protect their teeth and gums from potential damage.

Invest in you and your family’s dental health when time and convenience is more on your side. Contact our Roswell dental office about any treatment you’ve delayed or with your questions about preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, or orthodontics.

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