Root Canal Myths and Half-Truths

May 16, 2019

A root canal is one of the most feared dental treatments and procedures among patients. According to a survey conducted by the American Dental Association, most patients feel this fear due to the experience of someone else and not their own.

There is a lot of misconception among patients pertaining to root canal, due to which they fear, or even avoid getting a root canal treatment.

Here are some myths among patients surrounding root canal therapy.

Root Canal Therapy is Painful

Root canal therapy is generally a last resort treatment for saving your tooth. It is required when you experience from a pulpitis infection, i.e., pulp of your tooth gets infected or when you have a broken tooth. The root canal therapy is known to relieve pain, and most patients does not experience much pain during the root canal therapy.

Root Canal Therapy requires multiple Appointments

Most The root canal therapy generally completed within one or two sittings. Some of the factors which determine the number of appointments required to complete the root canal procedure include:

  • The complexity of the root canal therapy.
  • The extent of the infection
  • Any additional treatments required before and after the root canal therapy.

Root Canal Therapy can cause Illness

Many patients have the misconception that the bacteria trapped inside the infected tooth can cause a wide array of illnesses which includes arthritis, kidney and heart disease. This misconception can be rooted in a 100-year-old research conducted by Dr. Weston Price, which has been disproved by recent studies and research.

Root Canal Therapy is required only when your tooth hurts

It is not necessary that you require a root canal treatment only when your tooth hurts. Sometimes, a root canal might be required when your tooth is already dead, and the infection needs to be avoided from spreading to your other teeth. Dead teeth cannot feel pain, however, can aid in spreading infection.

Our dental professional at Shenk Dental Care can find dead tooth during the dental examination and according suggest a treatment. If you still fear to undergo a root canal therapy, feel free to book an appointment and speak to our team at Shenk Dental Care.

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