How to Protect Your Invisalign Investment

Mar 05, 2018

Your decision to straighten your teeth with Invisalign impacts your long term health. And speaking of long term, you might be thinking about how to protect your investment as part of your Roswell smile makeover with orthodontics.

Your treatment’s complete…now what?

Orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign®️ is designed to last. The lasting value improves your appearance, your confidence, and essentially your tooth alignment.

A retainer can help. We recommend one as a follow up to your Roswell dental care using orthodontics.

For example, Vivera®️ retainers maintain your treatment results achieved with Invisalign®️. And like Invisalign®️, your Vivera®️ retainers are clear and virtually invisible when you wear them.

Why retainers are a good next step

Your teeth are properly aligned once you complete orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®️. Keeping them in position is vital and that’s what a retainer, such as Vivera®️ does.

A Vivera®️ retainer also protects your teeth. Teeth grinding, for example, can wear down your tooth surfaces. This can weaken them and increase your risk of misalignment and decay.

As your Roswell family dentist, you will be provided full details as you near the completion of your Invisalign®️ treatment. Vivera®️ retainers will be custom-fitted much like your experience with your Invisalign®️ aligners.

You will most often wear your first set of retainers on a daily basis. Your progress will be monitored and you will be able to gradually reduce how often you wear them. Eventually, you can progress to only wearing them during the night.

You’ve made a good choice to move your teeth into proper healthy alignment. And you’ve also improved your smile confidence by choosing Invisalign®.

Protect your investment and keep your smile on-track with retainers. Ask us about Vivera retainers at our Roswell dental office.

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