Why You Should Choose a Professional Option for Teeth Whitening

Aug 12, 2016

If looks-aren’t-everything are they at least a sign of something? For example, are whiter teeth healthier?

That depends.

But it is true that white teeth somehow look healthier when compared to stained, discolored, or otherwise unattractive teeth.

Consistent, effective oral hygiene has an impact on the appearance of your teeth. This would include the choices you make about food, beverages, and other lifestyle options.

It is also true that over time there’s less you can do to reduce the natural impact of time on your teeth. Your tooth shade will change as you age and especially as you enjoy your favorite foods and beverages.

Teeth whitening is a solution for the yellowing that naturally occurs. Your tooth enamel and the changes to it’s color can be dramatically improved with a whitening treatment.

Consider this first

Before you purchase an over-the-counter teeth whitening product (more on that in a moment) and even before you use or schedule a professional treatment there are a few considerations.

It’s important to consult with your dentist. Your teeth may or may not be improved with teeth whitening, professional or otherwise.

Tooth decay, severely discolored teeth, sensitive teeth, crowns and bridges, and gum infections do not respond effectively to a whitening treatment. An examination in our Roswell dental office can answer those and other questions about a teeth whitening procedure.

Go pro (not the camera, the procedure)

There are two solutions for a professional teeth whitening treatment. Neither are over-the-counter options.

An in-office teeth whitening procedure gives you fast results. You can achieve up to 10 shades of whiteness in a one appointment.

The procedure in our office is monitored by a dental assistant. Protection for your lips and gums are provided to assure you a comfortable treatment without irritation.

Like having a professional at-home

A take-home teeth whitening kit delivers professional quality in the privacy of your home. It is also monitored and distributed by us, is safer, and is more effective than an over-the-counter system.

A dental examination will determine the necessary treatment details. Your at-home whitening trays are custom-designed to your teeth with instructions for use with a professional whitening solution.

You can achieve whiter teeth over a period of time with a professional at-home teeth whitening kit. Your teeth will look healthy and you will have the support of our dental office to help assure they are healthy prior to and following  your whitening procedure.

Contact your Roswell dentist about teeth whitening. Schedule a dental examination to discuss your options for a professional whitening procedure.

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