Preparing for a Root Canal? Here’s What to Expect

Aug 27, 2019

If you feel that your teeth are hurting a lot, you should consider consulting a dentist near you. If your tooth is decayed or infected, they will ask you to get your root canal done.

Whenever someone hears the word “root canal” a sudden fear starts penetrating the patient’s mind. That is known as dental anxiety. A majority of the world has it. You should not worry about it. Shenk Dental Care is here to explain to you in detail what to expect when you are planning to get a root canal.

What can you expect during the procedure?

Here are the steps involved in the root canal surgery.

  1. Your dentist will firstly take a radiographic image of your tooth using X-ray then give you local anaesthesia.
  2. Once your tooth is numb, the dentist will place a “dental dam” to isolate the tooth. This will keep your tooth clean and free from saliva.
  3. The dentist will create an opening in the crown using a specialized instrument. The dentist will clean the pulp and root canal to shape the space for filling.
  4. After that, the dentist will fill the root canal with a material. They will also use cement to seal the root canal.
  5. Lastly, the dentist will schedule another appointment for you to have a crown or any restoration that your teeth might need.

How can you prepare for it?”

Here are a few things that you can do to prepare yourself for a root canal-

  • Pick up painkillers post surgery if the dentist has prescribed it. It will ease any irritation or pain.
  • Sleep well before the surgery and sleep enough. When your body is physically relaxed, it will recover faster and easier.
  • Keep ice in the freezer before the procedure is scheduled so you can have it if you need it after the surgery.
  • Ask your dentist all the questions that you might have. It is always a good idea to ask your doctor whatever doubts that you might have. Shenk Dental Care always appreciates the curiosity of the patient. We always strive to solve all the doubts in your mind.

Freeze ice before your scheduled procedure. There can be pain and swelling after the procedure and ice can help in alleviating those.

* In some cases, antibiotics are prescribed prior to the procedure. Take the full recommended dose and do not stop midway even if you think you no longer need it.

* Never hesitate to ask questions to your dentist. This often helps in alleviating your anxiety towards the procedure.

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