Why Porcelain Veneers Are a Good Choice for Substantial Smile Transformation

Aug 07, 2017

Something doesn’t have to look substantial to have substantial effect. Porcelain veneers fit that category.

A veneer is a thin (emphasis on thin). The wafer-like, nearly translucent layer of porcelain material fits snugly over your tooth surfaces.

Picture a false-fingernail. Your veneer covers your tooth surface much like a salon-quality nail covers your existing fingernail.

Timing issues

Veneers are a superior choice when you want to substantially improve the appearance of your teeth. Tooth damage impacts your oral health but it’s most noticeable in your smile.

Your veneers solve the aesthetic problems associated with the color, alignment, and shape of your teeth. The porcelain used can be customized to match your tooth shade if discoloration is an issue. Or the veneers can brighten your smile with a whiter color enhancement.

Visible advantages

Veneers cover the entire front portion of your tooth. A chipped or otherwise damaged tooth can be fully restored as well.

Tooth gaps are also narrowed or closed with veneers. This provides an advantage when treatment with orthodontics is not an effective solution.

Perhaps a tooth appears misaligned. Veneers are often effective for restoring alignment and improving your appearance in the process.

Fulfilled expectations

Applying veneers will often require up to two appointments. Your tooth will be prepared and shade (color) matched during your first appointment.

The second appointment places your veneers on each tooth. You will have opportunity to view and approve the color, shade, and shape of your veneers prior to each being permanently bonded to your teeth.

Your veneers are custom-designed to fit and last. Some adjustments can be made after they’ve had time to adapt to your teeth.

Porcelain veneers are durable too. It’s vital to care for them and avoid chipping or breaking them. If necessary, your veneers can be repaired or replaced.

Contact your Roswell dentist about your damaged or unattractive teeth. Schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation and examination to discuss smile transformation with porcelain veneers.

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