One Way to Assure You Follow Through on Recommended Dental Treatment (and Relax During It)

May 15, 2017

Relaxing dentistry. That might sound like an oxymoron to you.

Perhaps sedation dentistry sounds more accurate.

Either way, we prefer that you have a positive view of your dental care. There’s a connection between your anticipation of comfort during a dental appointment or procedure and your oral health quality.

Just in case…

Dental anxiety can be responsible for poor oral health.


If your fear keeps you from making or keeping a dental appointment you can be at risk for ongoing teeth and gum problems.

Dental Sedation provides solutions that can eliminate or significantly reduce your anxiety or fear. Your reasons for choosing a sedation method might include:

  • Low pain tolerance
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • A gag reflex
  • Inability to relax or remain still during treatment
  • An extensive amount of treatment during one appointment

It helps to ask

Sedation is about your comfort and the reduction of anxiety or pain. Ask us about out dental sedation options including:

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas”)

This is a popular and light form of sedation. A wearable nose mask provides you access to the gas that creates a carefree feeling. Your side effects are minimal and the sensation wears off quickly following use.

Oral sedation

This solution uses prescribed medications prior to your dental procedure to relax you. The strength prescribed by your Roswell dentist will often cause you to feel drowsy. Recovery following use can often require transportation assistance post treatment.

Contact our Roswell dental office with your concerns about anxiety during your next dental appointment or procedure. Ask us about our available dental sedation options to help you relax and follow-through on your recommended treatment.

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