Why Now is a Good Time to Choose a Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure You’ve Been Putting Off

Oct 09, 2017

Are you tempted to “bail” on this year’s upcoming holiday parties and events? Wait! Cosmetic dentistry might be what you need to renew your plans.

Anticipating conversations, your wardrobe, and even your confidence to smile (or not) can tip your decision one way or the other. There are solutions that can reactivate your social calendar now and throughout the year.

Fast and affordable teeth whitening

Your teeth yellow and darken for a variety of reasons. Age, diet and lifestyle choices, and certain medications can cause unattractive color changes to your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening eliminates the discoloration. And it’s possible to brighten your teeth up to 10 shades in one, convenient in-office appointment.

Your professional whitening treatment can also be touched up between now and your next social engagement. Take-home custom designed trays and whitening trays give you the option to maintain your new, whiter smile.

Smile-transforming veneers

Your front, smile-zone teeth get the most attention. They’re noticed first each time you smile.

Porcelain veneers are a thin, wafer-like tooth covering. The treatment requires two appointments for tooth preparation and fitting your veneers to the front surface of your teeth.

The results are substantial. You’ll enjoy immediate smile transformation and the confidence that goes with it.

Tooth-colored dental fillings

Metal fillings are noticeable. And they could be among the reasons you lack smile confidence.

White, tooth-colored fillings provide you a tooth restoration that matches your surrounding teeth. This treatment can replace your unattractive, worn, or damaged fillings.

Fill your missing tooth gap with a dental implant

Tooth loss damages your health and ability to chew. It also affects your esteem.

A dental implant provides a secure and appealing tooth replacement. The implant forms a new tooth root and restores your tooth function and appearance with a dental crown on the surface of your gums.

The procedure requires time to complete. Schedule a consultation to discuss implant treatment and the results you can expect.

These cosmetic dentistry procedures and more will give you confidence in the upcoming holiday season. The treatment results will also improve your oral health.

Contact our Roswell dental office about cosmetic dentistry treatment. Schedule an examination and consultation to discuss your options.

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