A Natural-Looking Treatment That Lengthens Your Tooth’s Lifespan

Nov 11, 2016

Your teeth are durable. It might seem otherwise when something goes wrong with one of them.

Take care of your teeth and they’ll last. But when their lifespan is threatened by decay, disease, or damage remember…you’re not out-of-luck.

When a crown is something more

A dental crown can increase the lifespan of a tooth. Crowns have a restorative and cosmetic dentistry benefit.

Dental crowns are versatile for restoring your tooth structure and function. The benefits of crowns include:

  • Restoring your tooth’s strength, shape, and size
  • Creating a new, functional tooth on the surface of your dental implant
  • Improving the appearance of your tooth that’s damaged or discolored
  • Protection from further tooth decay damage
  • Replacing the structure of a broken tooth
  • Securing your dental bridge

Your dental crown experience

Most dental crown procedures can be completed in two appointments. Following an examination your treatment begins with an x-ray to provide a thorough perspective on the area being treated.

Tooth decay can be extensive on occasion. A dental x-ray enables us to view the amount of damage that has occurred to your existing tooth and gum tissue.

The surface portion of your tooth and any adjacent teeth will be prepared . Smoothing and cleaning the tooth surface helps assure that your crown will fit properly.

A mold of your tooth (dental impression) will be taken. This provides our selected dental lab the precise details to customize your new crown.

You will receive a temporary crown to cover your exposed tooth structure. This allows you to experience tooth function while your permanent crown is being crafted.

And about that permanent crown…

When your new, custom-designed, permanent crown is ready you’ll return for your second appointment. Your temporary crown will be gently removed, your new dental crown will be placed, fitted, and evaluated alongside your adjoining teeth.

Following proper adjustments your crown will be permanently cemented in place. From this point forward treat your dental crown as you would your natural teeth.

Brush, floss, and prioritize routine dental check-ups. This helps assure that your crown, existing teeth, and gums remain healthy.

Also care for your crown by avoiding hard or sticky foods and snacks. With proper dental care you can improve the lifespan of your dental crown.

Contact your Roswell dentist about your damaged or decayed teeth. Schedule a dental examination to discuss tooth restoration with a dental crown.

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