Everyone knows that a dentist in Roswell, GA like Dr. Judd Shenk helps keep patients’ smiles looking their very best. What many patients do not realize is that dental care is actually an important part of staying healthy. Conditions such as periodontal disease might be evident in the mouth, but these problems have the potential to negatively impact the whole body. People living with heart disease and diabetes need to be particularly concerned with their dental health. Making and keeping a regular dentist appointment should be part of your healthy lifestyle.

A Connection With Overall Health

There are several health conditions that are strongly linked with the well-being of your mouth and periodontal tissue. For instance, people with diabetes frequently have a diminished ability to fight off infections. Gum disease can affect anyone, but diabetic patients have to be especially vigilant against the growth of harmful bacteria that characterizes this disease. Someone living with heart disease also has to guard against gum disease. As infection sets in, clumps of protein can enter the blood stream. This poses a distinct risk to people whose cardiovascular health is already compromised.

A regular checkup with Dr. Shenk will help hold back the advancement of gum disease. Your dentist can also help identify other symptoms that have the potential to impact your overall physical health. Since many people are unaware that they are living with heart disease or that they are at risk for diabetes, staying ahead of gum disease is a good idea.

How Your Dentist Can Help

Your family dentist can help you stay healthy in many ways. For instance:

• Each patient receives personalized care recommendations to help them reach their specific outcome objectives
• Patients can learn about new treatment options
• Dentists can identify potential problems and help patients take action when a condition is still manageable
• Your dentist can help you with the changing concerns affecting you at different stages of life

Make Your Appointment Today

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