Why You Might Want to Reconsider What You’ve Heard About a Root Canal

Jul 28, 2016

You hear the words and it’s common to wince a bit. Should I say it?

Sure, because frankly there’s less to worry about than you might realize. The word?


Root canal!

This restorative dentistry treatment is vital to your overall dental health. What is a root canal and why would you require one?

A common benefit of a root canal procedure is the elimination of consistent tooth or mouth pain. Decay or an infection within your tooth pulp is the primary reason for the treatment.

An untreated oral infection can ultimately harm your tooth. Nerve and tissue damage are potential results.

More so, your tooth can actually be damaged beyond repair. This can lead to the only remaining alternative – an extraction.

Keep your tooth where it belongs

Root canal cost is worth it. You can keep your tooth in place.

Beyond that your infection is treated and the risk to your surrounding teeth and gum tissue is eliminated.

You don’t need to be so sensitive

Your earliest root canal symptom is often a tooth ache or frequent tooth sensitivity. On occasion you might notice a “zing” when eating or drinking hot or cold foods and beverages.

Another symptom could be swelling. Your gum tissue near or beneath the infection could appear red and swollen.

Your dental health and your overall health at this point require treatment. Pain relievers can only provide temporary relief for your symptoms and not solve the deeper problem affecting your tooth.

Root canal reboot

Root canal treatment is your solution for the pain, the infection, and for saving your tooth from an extraction. The procedure removes the infection from your tooth pulp, the root canal of your tooth is cleaned, and the area is filled with a substance that helps prevent the infection from returning.

Some sensitivity in your surrounding gums and the treated tooth will occur during healing. But you will experience significant pain relief as the tooth heals.

Overall, the a root canal procedure has evolved to be a comfortable treatment. Local anesthetic and sedation options help assure your comfort during the treatment

Contact your Roswell dentist about your tooth pain or oral infection. Schedule a dental examination to discuss saving your tooth with a root canal.

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