This Might Be the Motivation You Need to Floss

Sep 11, 2017

No condescension intended. Though being asked if you floss while sitting in a dental chair might seem a bit strange.

After all, if anyone knows from observing the condition of your teeth and gums it would be us. Right?

Credit where it’s due

Still, being questioned about flossing your teeth can put you on the defensive. Or at least feeling like you should make excuses.

Relax. We know how important the oral hygiene fundamental is to the health of your teeth and gums. That said, we commend you for taking the step to schedule and show up for your routine dental check-up and teeth cleaning.

There’s more to not flossing than a guilt-trip

The daily habit of flossing your teeth has a substantial impact on your lifetime dental care value. Flossing your teeth daily can actually reduce your time and cost investment in dental care.

Brushing your teeth removes the build-up of food and other substances from a large portion of your tooth surfaces. The remaining surfaces, especially those below your gum line, also require attention. That’s where flossing matters.

Serious oral health problems can develop when you ignore those hidden spaces in your mouth. Your risk of gum disease such as gingivitis and periodontitis rises when you consistently miss those areas.

Flossing is effective for removing the build-up of bacteria on your teeth and gums.

You’ll like this benefit too

According to Dr. Michael Roizen, brushing AND flossing your teeth daily can slow aging. “It makes you up to 6.4 years younger because studies show that gum disease actually ages the immune and arterial systems.”

Who knew?

That discovery plus the obvious oral health benefits is enough to renew your commitment to daily flossing. Wouldn’t you agree?

It’s all connected to the value of preventive dentistry to your lifetime dental health. Contact our Roswell dental office to schedule your next dental examination and teeth cleaning. And ask us for a few tips and techniques to renew your flossing routine.

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