It’s “More-or-Less” Treatment When Choosing Dental Inlays or Onlays

May 08, 2017

Someplace in between. You’ve been there perhaps.

Dentally speaking, it’s what you face when you have tooth damage. And a dental inlay or onlay is “more-or-less” the only treatment that will work.


For example, your tooth has been damaged to the extent that on the lesser side a filling will not work and what’s more there’s not enough damage to justify a dental crown.

Crowns and fillings are effective, no doubt. Yet a crown can require too much tooth structure being removed and a large dental filling can weaken a tooth causing it to break or fracture.

Same but different

Dental inlays and onlays provide a compromise of sorts.

An onlay can accomplish something between that of a dental crown and dental filling. On the other hand an inlay fills your tooth damage that cannot be adequately treated with a dental filling but not going to the extent of a dental crown.

Either way, inlays and onlays each repair and restore your tooth’s chewing surface.

Inlays fill your tooth space between the tooth’s edges or cusps. An onlay provides coverage from edge (cusp) to edge (cusp).

When a filling won’t do it or a crown is too much

It’s common for your inlay to be more long-lasting than amalgam or composite fillings and less expensive than a crown. Durability and cost will depend on the materials used and the extent of your procedure.

Inlays and onlays will each improve your tooth function and your appearance. Again the materials used (such as gold, composite resin, or porcelain) will determine your cost and aesthetic benefits.

It’s vital that you care for your inlay or onlay as you would any dental restoration. Brush, floss, and prioritize dental check ups to help assure their health and longevity.

Contact your Roswell dentist about your tooth damage. Schedule an examination to discuss tooth restoration with a dental inlay or onlay depending on your the scope of your

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