How Laser Dentistry Can Improve Your Next Dental Procedure

Oct 21, 2016

There’s more than one way to __________. Versatility means you have options.

Speed and comfort are two options you can use. Who doesn’t want results faster and without pain?

Laser dentistry gives you both. You get a faster treatment result and you can experience treatment, such as gum surgery, without the painful side effects common with the traditional surgical procedure.

The LANAP®️ Laser technology, for example, is minimally invasive and produces a comfortable gum surgery procedure in much less time. It’s the standard of care beginning with gum disease related issues.

“Better” IS a way

Rather than being limited to one way, laser dentistry gives you options when faced with dental treatment that involves scalpels and drills. That already sounds better, right?

Dental anxiety will be diminished. And your issues with pain or pain tolerance will be solved with less dependence on sedation or anesthesia.

In fact your gum treatment with LANAP®️ is better. Why? Because it’s not invasive and the bleeding and swelling is reduced or non-existent.

Where laser dentistry also excels

Teeth whitening procedures can benefit from laser technology. The cosmetic dentistry treatment using a laser can produce whiter teeth in less time in some instances.

Laser dentistry provides a more comfortable experience for treatments that include: root canals, cold sores, gum contouring for eliminating a “gummy smile,” and reshaping your tooth surfaces.

Ask us about the LANAP®️ laser technology at your Roswell dentist. Contact us to schedule a dental examination.

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