LANAP Laser Treatment and Gum Disease

Jun 27, 2018

If you suffer from gum disease, the LANAP laser treatment can be the key to managing the condition. This system is a nonsurgical solution that can help protect your oral health by regenerating healthy tissue and bone development, which prevents tooth loss and complications of periodontal disease.

What is the LANAP laser treatment?

The procedure takes a few hours to complete, which means that it is usually done in two separate visits to keep it shorter and more manageable for patients. During each visit, the laser system is used to go in between the pockets of the teeth and gums to destroy disease-causing bacteria as well as infected tissue. The laser also allows the dentist to remove bacteria from the roots of the teeth and the jawbone while destroying tartar buildup at the same time. Removing bacteria and smoothing down the roots afterward discourages bacteria from collecting and thriving there again.

Results of the Procedure

Once the diseased tissue has been removed, and the area has been disinfected, the blood in the gums will naturally begin to thicken and create a sticky seal around the treated areas. This seal will help prevent bacteria from re-entering the gums after the procedure.

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