Do You Know the Risks of Tooth Loss (and Are You Prepared)?

May 01, 2017

Advanced thinking is useful. It’s especially productive for your dental health.

Think tooth loss, for example. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with it but if you do advanced planning can save you time and costs.

Losing one or more teeth is traumatic. It has an emotional and physical impact on you.

The gap is your primary concern. But there’s more than just a missing space.

The power of one

A single missing tooth can change your appearance. That’s often all the motivation you need to seek treatment.

There’s another reason to take action.

Your teeth are a supportive community in your mouth. Each tooth keeps the adjoining and surrounding ones aligned and healthy.

Loss of one tooth can set in motion a number of challenges. Chewing, gum and bone tissue erosion, unnecessary wear on other teeth, and alignment problems can occur.

The root problem and the solution for it

Tooth roots are a stabilizing force. Their anchoring effect in your jawbone keeps your tissue healthy and supportive of your surrounding teeth.

Loss of a tooth and its root can produce atrophy in your jawbone. This can lead to harmful tooth movement.

Misalignment is common when your teeth begin to shift into the missing tooth gap. Tooth movement can lead to other issues including periodontal (gum) disease.

A solid, secure tooth replacement is necessary. A dental implant replaces your missing tooth from root to surface.

Implants provide the necessary tooth root and tooth structure on the surface of your gums. They restore you tooth function and look natural for improving your appearance.

A dental implant adapts to your jawbone and gum tissue. This effect provides you a long-lasting tooth replacement that won’t shift, move, or cause tissue erosion that’s common with dentures.

Hopefully, you can avoid tooth loss. But if it occurs you have advanced planning on your side with dental implant treatment for tooth replacement.

Contact your Roswell dentist about your missing or damaged teeth. Schedule an examination to discuss tooth replacement with a dental implant.

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