How to Keep Your Smile Healthy…and in Style

Oct 13, 2017

Believe it or not you have unique “style.” Having a beautiful smile that’s timeless and stylish compliments it.

There’s no set formula for achieving and maintaining an attractive smile. Cosmetic dentistry helps and so does routine preventive dentistry.

The right blend

Healthy teeth and gums create an appealing smile. Achieving that result is a blend of aesthetics, cosmetic dentistry procedures,and certain technologies available in our Roswell dental office.

Protect it if you want your smile to enhance your personal “style”

Keep your teeth and gums free from disease

Periodontal (gum) disease is among the top threats to your overall oral health. In fact, its impact goes beyond your mouth into your general physical health.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes to name a few of the risks.

Routine dental examinations, professional teeth cleanings, and deep cleanings such as scaling and root planing can keep you (and your smile) protected from disease.

Matching restorations

Your teeth are basically the same color for a reason. On occasion, a dental restoration skews things.

Cost, convenience, or other factors can lead to a restorative decision. That said, it’s might help to know that your dental restorations can match the shade of your surrounding teeth.

Tooth colored (white) dental fillings, dental crowns, and dental bonding are available. Each can be custom designed to match your natural tooth shade and transform your smile.

Correct tooth flaws or tooth damage

Your teeth are vulnerable to force. Sure, teeth are tough, durable, and designed to last a lifetime but…

Trauma, disease, unfortunate accidents, etc can cause chips, gaps, cracks, broken teeth, and tooth root exposure. Delaying or avoiding treatment can produce decay and eventually tooth loss.

Dental fillings, dental crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays, gum contouring, and more can fix the damage. Each procedure protects your tooth surface, your tooth structure, and your gums as it restores your smile.

Give your teeth room to function

Overcrowding or crooked teeth create a domino effect in you mouth. Tooth misalignment affects your overall tooth function, your ability speak, and of course your confidence to smile.

Orthodontics, including Invisalign, corrects your overcrowded, misaligned, and crooked teeth condition. Invisalign has a low impact on your lifestyle by using clear, removable aligners to gradually straighten your teeth.

Each of these treatment solutions preserves the health of your teeth and gums. And that has a direct impact on your unique style that’s revealed by a healthy smile.

Contact your Roswell dentist about keeping your smile healthy…and beautiful. Schedule your next dental examination.

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