If Your Teen is Avoiding Braces This Will Help

Jul 10, 2017

You’ll have this conversation with your teen sooner or later. And Invisalign Teen®️ can make it easier.


The “you-need-braces” conversation can be as awkward as others you have with your teenager. And for good reason.

Orthodontics, especially for teens, is an uncomfortable subject. It creates an image that, frankly, threatens their already fragile self-esteem and self-confidence.

Orthodontics that “gets” your teen’s hang-ups

Invisalign Teen®️ solves the problems associated with your teen’s need for orthodontic treatment. It uses the popular Invisalign®️ procedure with customization that your teen will appreciate.

Your teenager’s orthodontic treatment has to consider tooth development and lifestyle. Each of these issues are solved with the customized Invisalign Teen®️ system.

For starters:

  • A “wear indicator” that fades signaling it’s time to change their aligner.
  • “Tabs” that accommodate the unique development of your teen’s second molars.

Their treatment plan follows the same steps as the standard Invisalign®️ procedure. A consultation is followed by teeth impressions and 3D imaging that reveals progressive tooth movement for creating your teen’s customized aligners.

Straight teeth – no social stigma

The advantage of Invisalign Teen®️ goes to straight, healthy teeth…without a significant impact on your teen’s lifestyle. Your active teen can participate in sports, band, and other social activities throughout their orthodontic treatment.

Because Invisalign Teen®️ uses clear aligners, your teen will be able to smile without the noticeable appearance of braces. And the aligners are removable for eating, brushing, flossing, and other social functions.

Your teen can stay focused on their school work and activities during treatment. Invisalign Teen®️ requires less in-office appointments and it eliminates the problems associated with broken brackets common with metal braces.

Contact our Roswell dental office about orthodontics. Schedule a consultation and ask about Invisalign®️ and Invisalign Teen®️ for a lifestyle-friendly treatment for straight teeth.

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