Increase the Value of Your Dental Insurance Benefits Every Year

Nov 18, 2016

Two things come to mind that can drive value. One, is scarcity and the other is a deadline.

Your dental insurance value increases as a certain “deadline” approaches. It’s beneficial to you throughout the year depending on your coverage and the treatment you have planned.

Remember this

The deadline associated with your dental insurance benefits has to do with the end of year. And by the way, that time is approaching.

Every week or month that goes by decreases your opportunity to use your benefits. It also increases their value to you as you’re pressed to make a decision to use them before year end.

This annual timeline can also apply to your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or your Health Savings Account (HSA). Confirm your coverage details with your employer or your insurance agent.

It’s important to get the most from the premiums you pay. That translates into oral health improvements for you.

Use them or…

The downside of dental insurance is that if you don’t use them…you…lose them.


When is a good time to use your unused or remaining dental insurance benefits? How about now?

A good place to start is with a dental examination or teeth cleaning. You’re most often allowed two per year or one every six months.

If you’re due, call and schedule. The examination could reveal a necessary treatment to improve the health of your teeth and gums.

Even better your insurance provision could off-set all or a significant portion of your procedure. This gets you the treatment you need plus reduces your out-of-pocket costs.

Next to preventive dentistry perhaps you or children are due for dental sealants, you’ve been putting off a dental crown or a dental filling, or you’re due for a periodontal (gum) treatment. The good news is that any of these could be covered by your remaining insurance benefits.

Contact our Roswell dental office with your questions about your dental insurance, your remaining coverage, or your unscheduled treatment. Schedule your next dental examination and teeth cleaning.

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