How to Restore Your Dental Structure With Dental Fillings.

Oct 01, 2021

Ever heard of dental fillings and how they can restore your teeth? You might feel that your life has changed because you have to get a dental filling. Well, getting a dental treatment doesn’t make your dental health worse. Getting the best dental treatment can improve your dental structure. Dental fillings are good dental treatments and can help restore your teeth. They are easy dental procedures which means you can easily get dental fillings around you. The more you know about dental fillings, the more you know about their benefits and why you might need them.

Dental fillings are dental accessories that are used to restore or rebuild a bad, injured, or damaged dental structure. They are made of tough materials which are used to fill cavities or holes in the tooth due to tooth decay or damage. Getting a dental filling revives and heals the damaged tooth thereby allowing it to perform its duties and functions.

Dental fillings can not fill bigger or intense teeth injuries. However, they are useful when it comes to restoring teeth that have gone bad due to tooth decay or infections. You can see an emergency dentist in Roswell if you’re experiencing a severe toothache.

Tooth decay gets worse and larger when they are not treated on time. This is why preventive dental care and good oral hygiene are very beneficial in preventing worse cases of tooth decay. Visiting the dentist regularly for dental checkups can also reduce your chances of getting tooth decay and cavities. Most people don’t realize the importance of going for dental checkups until they have acquired dental issues that wouldn’t have gotten worse if they had visited the dentist regularly. It’s not too late to schedule an appointment with a dentist near you for dental checkups and consultations.

Types Of Dental Fillings

There are various types of dental fillings which are specially made to suit a patient’s preference and treatment. For dental consultations on what dental fillings suits you best, you can see a dentist at 30075.

  • Gold dental fillings are often glued or strongly plastered on the teeth to fill cavities. Due to the high tolerance between the gums and gold fillings, they last longer and can stay for over 20 years with good maintenance. To get a gold dental filling, you have to visit the dentist more than once. Although people don’t make use of gold fillings due to aesthetic purposes because they are easily noticeable, they are still the toughest and most costly dental fillings.
  • Silver (Amalgam) Fillings are made up of tough substances but they are not as expensive as gold fillings. Although some patients are concerned that silver fillings contain an amount of mercury that might be detrimental to their health. However, the amount of mercury that could escape into the body system from silver fillings or amalgam is very minimal thus they are not dangerous to the health. They are dark in color and this makes it not a cosmetic choice.
  • Composite resins are different from gold and silver fillings in appearance. They look like real teeth and are also used for cosmetic reasons because they fit into natural teeth’ color. However, they are not as tough or strong as gold and silver fillings. Also, since they look like real teeth, they can get discolored if they are properly cared for.
  • Porcelain fillings are similar to composite resins fillings cause they look like natural teeth. However, they are stronger than composite resin fillings. Though they suit your dental structure in color and shape, they don’t get stained easily as composite resin fillings. They are also costly like gold fillings. They usually fill the whole tooth.

How Do Dentists Perform Dental Filling Procedure?

Before a dental filling, treatment is carried out, you have to book an appointment with the dentist. You can book a schedule with a dentist in Roswell. At Roswell, you would meet Dr. Judd Shenk who would attend to you and help you get maximum effective dental filling treatment.

First of all, your teeth are examined with a dental x-ray or a dental tool that can help detect carries. Also, a dental examination helps the dentist in confirming if dental fillings apply to the dental issue. You should inform your dentist about your medical history. This would help the dentist figure out what other dental procedures that suit you best in case dental fillings are not advisable.

Next, your dentist would administer local anesthesia to prevent you from feeling any kind of pain or discomfort around the affected area during treatment. After that, the dentist would drill into the teeth to get rid of decay. Once the decay has been gotten rid of, the dentist would crop up the space created by the tooth decay into the best shape before filling the tooth.

The final step involves polishing and cleaning the filled tooth to make it even with the surrounding teeth.

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