How Effective Is LANAP Laser Treatment?

Jul 01, 2023

Gum disease is a bacterial infection that affects millions of people worldwide. If left untreated, it progresses, resulting in permanent gum, jawbone and teeth damage. Gum disease also affects overall health. There are various gum disease treatments provided by the dentist near you. Read on to learn about laser gum treatment and its effectiveness.

LANAP for Gum Surgery

One of the options to treat severe periodontal disease is surgery. The periodontist removes diseased tissues preventing the spread of bacteria and promoting healing. However, some people are apprehensive about surgery. Most fear the pain during and after surgery and a lengthy recovery period.

Fortunately, experts have made gum surgery easier, faster and tolerable through the LANAP method. LANAP stands for Laser-assisted new attachment procedure. The periodontist uses lasers to target and remove diseased gum tissues. Therefore, the patient does not have to worry about scalpels or stitches like in traditional gum surgery.

LANAP has a highly specific light frequency that differentiates healthy and diseased tissues. Tissues affected by gum disease appear darker and can be eliminated easily. In addition, the lasers kill all disease-causing bacteria in the mouth, enhancing recovery. LANAP is suitable for anyone, including individuals with diabetes and heart disease.

What to Expect During LANAP Treatment

The procedure is fast and non-invasive. It can be completed in one or two dental visits depending on the severity of the gum disease. The dentist will treat one side of the mouth during the first two-hour visit. Then they will treat the other side during the next session. Below are some general steps you can expect during laser gum surgery from a dentist near you.

  1. The dentist will administer a local anesthetic to prevent pain. If you suffer from dental anxiety, they will also issue a suitable sedative to help you relax.
  2. They will take xrays or dental scans to determine the extent and severity of the disease.
  3. Then they will insert a small laser fibre between the tooth and gums. The fibre resembles a strand of human hair. It helps remove bacteria and inflamed tissues around the tooth.
  4. If necessary, the dentist will smooth your teeth’s root surface. Doing so promotes new tissue growth.
  5. If you have any loose teeth, the expert will splint them. This stabilizes your teeth to the jaw and prevents tooth loss.
  6. The dentist will give you pain medication and instruct you on caring for the treated area.

Effectiveness of LANAP

The LANAP procedure is an FDA-approved laser periodontal treatment. It is histologically and scientifically proven to work. The procedure has more positive results compared to the traditional gum surgery method. LANAP is considered effective because:

  • People treated with LANAP are less likely to suffer from gum disease in the future. It is because the method gets rid of all bacteria that contribute to periodontal disease.
  • Tooth loss hardly occurs after LANAP surgery. The treatment promotes the growth of new tissues between the gum and bone. So it strengthens the surrounding teeth.
  • Healing after this laser treatment is easier, faster, and less painful. It is because there is minimal invasion and reduced bleeding during surgery.

Does LANAP Regrow Gum and Bone?

Yes, LANAP laser treatment by the dentist in Roswell, GA, helps regrow gum and bone. However, LANAP does not directly cause new bone growth and periodontal regeneration. Instead, it creates ideal conditions for the body to speed up the natural regenerative process.

The LANAP procedure does not involve cutting and suturing like the traditional method. Also, the light frequency used helps to accelerate new tissue growth. So your tissues heal more easily and faster.

The LANAP process heats blood-activating proteins called “growth factors.” They promote tissue and bone cell regeneration. In addition, the lasers eliminate all bacteria in the mouth. This supports quick gum and bone regrowth.


Gum disease causes gum tissue and bone deterioration. It causes the tissues surrounding your teeth to pull away from teeth resulting in tooth loss. Therefore, you require a treatment that will promote gum and bone regeneration and gum tissue reattachment. An example of such a treatment is LANAP gum surgery.

Therefore, consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Judd Shenk at Shenk Dental Care. The expert will treat your gum disease using this safe, fast, non-invasive and comfortable method. As a result, you will have an attractive and disease-free smile within no time.

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