How Does General Dentistry Benefit You?

Dec 01, 2020

What comes to your mind when you hear the term general dentistry? Does it remind you about preventive dentistry? If it doesn’t, it should be because the general dentist provides dental exams, cleanings, and any follow-up treatment that is required.

In the United States, approximately 140,000 dentists are practicing as general dentists. Look around for a dental office near you, and you will, in every likelihood, come across a general dental practice offering treatments to people of all ages and providing them many benefits. You may think general dentists haven’t acquired specialized education in any specialty of dentistry and may not be as qualified as the specialists. Your assumption is not wrong because general dentists begin practicing in an available dental office soon after graduating from dental school without spending additional time or money acquiring specialized education. Why they prefer doing so is a matter of individual choice. However, it in no way means they are less beings than specialists. General dentists offer you a wide range of preventive dentistry options that are most required by almost everyone.

Besides providing affordable exams and cleanings, general dentists are also the professionals you prefer when you need crowns or bridges, tooth extractions, dental fillings, fluoride treatments and sealants, and any other minor issue that bothers at any time of the day.

When Would You Find a General Dentist Most Beneficial?

You have your regular dental exams and cleanings every six months. You maintain your dental hygiene is recommended by your dentist. If you are suddenly affected by any issue from decay or disease, would you spend time searching for a specialist to treat you? Wouldn’t you prefer driving down to your regular general dentist who provides you an affordable treatment whenever you visit them? We are confident you will pick the latter and only consider using a specialist if you are referred to them by your regular dentist.

What Happens When You Visit a General Dentist for Routine Exams?

Your routine dental exams aren’t precisely regular in any way. Besides examining your teeth and gums, the general dentist also looks for signs of gum disease, TMJ issues, oral cancer, and much more. General dentists are happy to discuss your oral and medical health and offer nutritional guidance to ensure you lead a healthy life. They are the professionals who ensure the cost of dental care is well under your control by ensuring you don’t fall prey to dental infections because you merely neglected dental health.

What Are the Services That General Dentists Provide?

General dentists are not just experts at exams and cleanings. When they look at your teeth and observe signs of discoloration, they can recommend cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, dental bonding, veneers, Etc. If you have an extensively decayed tooth that cannot be restored by fillings they can recommend dental crowns. If you are a victim of lost teeth, you will find it beneficial when your general dentist recommends dentures, bridges, or dental implants to replace them.

General dentists aim to prevent expensive treatments while caring for your teeth optimally. Although they offer remedies for problems like tooth decay, including dental fillings, root canal treatments, and others, each of the therapy puts your teeth through some trauma. It is why general dentists try to avoid the challenges of healing problems with remedies by recommending frequent dental exams.

When general dentists perform dental exams, they detect dental issues in their earliest stages. In such cases, they develop a treatment plan for you to ensure the problem doesn’t aggravate. Following the treatment plan developed by the dentist keeps you away from dental issues or the need to visit specialists for expensive treatments. These professionals can identify minor problems in your mouth and treat them in a timely manner to ensure the problem does not erode your dental health.

Having a general dentistry practice like Shenk dental care in Roswell, GA, helps you maintain your dental hygiene in optimal condition. However, you must continue brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing them at least once to make sure you don’t fall prey to dental issues. You can always contact a general dental office for any attention you need regarding your dental health. Still, it is incredibly essential for you to maintain your dental hygiene in excellent condition.

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