How Fluoride Protects and Strengthens Your Teeth

Mar 13, 2017

Can you get enough of a good thing? It depends on what you have in mind. Protecting your teeth would fall in that category. And more specifically the use of fluoride.

It’s true that an amount is present in the water you drink. But the health effects are lacking for the purposes of tooth protection.

Strength for the assault

Your teeth and gums face an ongoing attack. The foods and beverages you enjoy do more than satisfy your taste and thirst.

It’s the secondary impact of your diet that causes concern. Foods and beverages produce acid that over time can break down the protective enamel on your tooth surfaces.

Weakened enamel can make you more vulnerable to tooth decay. And once decay occurs your teeth and gums are at risk for additional and costly dental treatment.

Fluoride strengthens your teeth against the assault on their protective enamel. It guards your tooth surfaces and prevents the acids from penetrating your enamel.

The areas of your teeth that have been weakened can also benefit from fluoride. This is also vital for your child’s early tooth development.

Your kids will thank you

The tooth development years set your child up for good oral health. Fluoride is beneficial to you and your family at each stage of tooth development and for your ongoing oral health.

Fluoride is useful and effective if…

  • You have frequent dental cavities
  • You deal with gum disease
  • You have been treated with dental braces, dental crowns, a dental bridge, or have recently had teeth whitening
  • You experience dry mouth

Contact our Roswell dental office about protecting you and your family’s teeth with fluoride. Ask about a fluoride application during your next dental examination and teeth cleaning.

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