What to Expect If You Choose a Dental Bridge for Tooth Replacement

Feb 24, 2017

The loss of a single tooth has a progressive impact on your oral health. The primary impact involves function and appearance. A dental bridge provides a restorative dentistry solution (function) and a cosmetic dentistry solution (appearance).

A dependent relationship

Your teeth are designed to work together. The health and/or loss of one affects the others.

Losing one tooth and not replacing it can cause your surrounding teeth to shift out of position. Tooth movement creates additional problems with your bite and can often produce jaw pain.

Tooth decay can develop also. Your tooth surfaces and the connective tissue is more vulnerable to bacteria the longer you delay tooth replacement.

The real issue

One thing is obvious when you lose a tooth or teeth. A noticeable gap exists between your existing teeth.

A dental bridge is uniquely designed to span the gap. It provides a secure (fixed) solution unlike dentures that are removable.

Your dental bridge relies on the support of your natural teeth or dental implants on either side of your missing tooth gap. The bridge uses other teeth as anchors and replacement teeth to restore your function and appearance.

Lasting expectations

Your dental bridge treatment requires two in-office appointments. The first appointment prepares your “anchor” teeth and the space that will contain your new tooth.

A dental impression will also be taken at your first appointment. This provides our selected dental lab the necessary details for creating your dental bridge.

You will leave your first appointment with a temporary dental bridge as your permanent bridge is being crafted by the lab. Your new permanent dental bridge will be placed, secured, and adjusted for comfort and fit at your second appointment.

Expect your dental bridge to last for 10 years or more. Proper care and keeping your surrounding teeth healthy will help assure the best results from your dental bridge.

Contact your Roswell dentist about your tooth loss. Schedule a dental examination to discuss a dental bridge as a cost-effective tooth replacement solution.

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