Dentures and Partials–Is It Worth Getting Them as A Teeth Replacement Treatment?

Nov 01, 2021

The most common problem with missing teeth is speech and language issues. Many people have difficulty speaking clearly due to a gap in their teeth. This can also lead to problems with their diet and cause malnutrition and poor health. Missing teeth can also cause other physical problems such as weak teeth and bone loss.

There are different ways you can replace your missing teeth, such as dentures and partials.

Dentures and partials near you are a good way to restore confidence and self-image in people who have lost their teeth or suffered from gum disease. They have also been associated with a decreased risk of developing dental caries.

What Are Dental Dentures and The Types?

Dentures are dental prosthetics used to replace missing or damaged teeth. Dentures come in two versions–partial and full. A dentist near you will choose an ideal denture option based on the number of missing teeth.

  • Full dentures

Complete dental dentures are a set of artificial teeth used to replace all-natural teeth in the mouth.

Full dental restorations provide strength and stability in addition to an improved appearance over partial dentures.

The full dentures are categorized into two— conventional and immediate.

Immediate dentures can be fitted immediately after the teeth are removed and are prefabricated at the dental office. They are often used as a temporary measure because the bone shrinks as the gums heal.

Conventional dentures take months to complete but are the most durable option because they include an artificial bone structure that stays permanently fixed in place of your jawbone.

  • Partial dental dentures

Partial dentures are removable prostheses that replace teeth. They differ from full dentures in that they are smaller, less costly, and replace a few teeth. There are two types of partial dentures: fixed partial dentures and removable partials.

What Are the Steps of Getting Dental Dentures?

Dentists in 30075 recommend getting dental dentures if you have lost most of your natural teeth or have difficulty chewing or biting food properly.

There are three steps in getting dental dentures:

  1. Dentist examines the patient’s mouth, measures the jaw, and takes an impression of the jaws and teeth.
  2. He will create models of wax in the exact position of the dentures. You will wear the dentures several times for the dentist to assess the color, shape, and fit.
  3. The final denture cast is created

How Long Do Dental Dentures Last?

Dentures last for five years, depending on the material used. However, they will need readjustment often to fit the jaw bone. Remember, the dental dentures do not stop bone loss (Unless you get the fixed option) and, therefore, they will become ill-fitting after a while.

What Are The Tips for Caring for Your Dental Dentures?

Proper care and storage are crucial because dentures can easily get damaged from normal wear and tear.

Things like hard foods and beverages, physical activities, or even neglecting to brush your teeth, can negatively affect your dentures.

Our dentists in Roswell recommend that you brush your teeth and clean the dentures twice a day to keep their dentures in good condition. A denture cleaner is also recommended for cleaning the dentures and partials.

It is vital to store the dentures in a denture solution when you are not wearing them to keep them from drying.

What Are Signs That Dental Dentures Need Repair or Replacement?

While the dentures are long-lasting, they may need repair or replacement. Some of the signs to watch out for include changes in how they fit (they become loose and move in your mouth). Some of these problems can indicate that your dentures need a repair or replacement.

Another sign is when your denture becomes rough, discolored, or crack. If these signs appear, visit an emergency dentist in Roswell for assistance, especially if you have gum discomfort.

Final Thoughts

When getting dental dentures, a few factors need to be considered like the number of missing teeth, the type of denture, and the cost.

Visit Shenk Dental, and Dr. Judd Shenk will assess your dental condition and take you through the different types of dentures and what you can expect.

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