Solving Your Denture’s “Low-Level” Problem and More

Jul 17, 2017

You’re probably aware of this if you wear dentures. Or you’ve heard and that makes the decision to wear dentures easier.

Comfort and convenience are not common denture descriptions. The opposite can be true.

On the positive side, dentures are an easy solution for tooth replacement. And they can cost much less than other missing teeth options.

So, what’s the big deal?

Dentures can effectively restore your basic tooth function. Biting, chewing, and smiling are among the benefits especially when you’ve experienced total or partial tooth loss.

It’s important to understand that dentures are artificial teeth. That said, they lack what your healthy, natural teeth have, security.

More specifically, the security of tooth roots.

This explains the “low-level” problem. Your lower denture lacks the more secure support of a wider bone and gum surface, unlike your upper denture.

That’s why your lower denture slips and moves when you eat, speak, or smile. Lack of adequate supportive tissue and ongoing tissue erosion from long term denture use are to blame.

Most significant is the loss of bone tissue stimulation. This is part of your tooth root’s functional role.

Get back to your “roots

Dental implants provide a supportive solution if you choose dentures for tooth replacement. An implant supported denture relies on the strength and security of a new tooth root created by a dental implant.

An implant functions as your natural tooth root does. Following placement, it stimulates your bone and gum tissue as it actually adapts to it during the healing process.

Your new denture supported by implants will restore your tooth function to it’s more natural condition. Biting, chewing, and smiling will be stronger and more comfortable as a result.

And no more embarrassing movement or slipping as you eat and speak. The same holds for your upper as well as your lower denture when you add dental implants for support.

Contact your Roswell dentist about any problems you’re experiencing with your denture or dentures. Schedule a consultation and an examination to discuss securing your denture with dental implants.

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