If You Have This Dental Implant Problem It Could Actually Have Less to Do with Your Implant

May 26, 2017

Your tooth replacement decision might have been the easy part. You discovered that dental implants are just-short-of-perfect for restoring your tooth function and appearance following tooth loss.

No vulnerabilities

Implant treatment is a long-term, cost-effective investment in your oral health. It provides a strong, new tooth root and an attractive, secure tooth structure above your gum line.

And your dental implant is not directly affected by tooth decay or oral disease. You can expect years of tooth function from your dental implant.

The value of “environmental” health

Implant security is a good thing until you notice or feel something not-right around your dental implant. Perhaps it’s an inflammation or an irritation in the tissue surrounding it.

Dental implant treatment from start to finish and in the years that follow requires a healthy oral environment. Your gum and bone tissue has adapted to the implant following placement.

The implant is not directly vulnerable but your tissue is. There’s always the potential for decay or infection if…

  • You neglect proper dental hygiene
  • Food becomes impacted and remains in your gum pockets producing bacteria growth
  • Your gums, jawbone, or surrounding teeth experience trauma or damage
  • Plaque and tartar build up on your adjoining teeth and gums

If you give oral bacteria an inch it-will-take-a-mile. The strength of your implant relies on your ongoing oral health care.

The good news…

You’re aware of the problem. And there’s a solution.

Treatment for an implant infection restores the tissue that surrounds your dental implant. Much like a deep cleaning, the area around your implant, including your gums, are cleaned, treated, and the infection is eliminated.

Implant infection treatment will also check your bone tissue health. It helps assure that your tissue damage will not cause your implant to become loose or detached from your jawbone.

Healthy gum and bone tissue creates a healthy and long-lasting dental implant. It’s always a good idea to monitor your implant’s health.

Contact your Roswell dentist about any issues you have with your dental implant or with your questions about tooth replacement with implants. Schedule an examination to discuss your condition and solutions.

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