Dental Fillings – Everything You Need to Know

Aug 01, 2019

When your teeth get damaged because of injury or decay, the dentist in Roswell, GA, restores their shape and function with the help of dental fillings. Has your dentist asked you to get dental fillings? Are you looking for more information on fillings? Here’s a look.

What Is a Filling In Dentistry?

The filling procedure is about using the artificial material for sealing a crack or hole in the tooth. When the dentist performs the filling procedure, they begin by removing the decayed part of the tooth. Once the area is cleaned and sanitized, they will fill the cavity with either of the filling options such as tooth-colored composite resin, porcelain, silver amalgam, gold, copper, tin, or zinc.

Types of Fillings

  • Porcelain

They are resistant to staining and match closely with your natural tooth color. If it covers most of your tooth, it can be as expensive as gold filling.

  • Gold Fillings

They are strongest and durable type of fillings and can be expensive as well. But many people don’t choose gold fillings due to esthetic reasons.

  • Composite Resins

They match the natural appearance of your teeth. They are quite durable, but are prone to staining.

  • Amalgam Fillings

The fillings are comparatively less expensive and also resistant to wear and tear. But their color can make them noticeable, so they are ideal only for molars and pre-molars.

What Filling Option Is Best?

The answer to this depends on the nature and location of the decayed tooth along with the individual patient.

Does It Hurt To Have a Filling Placed?

In most of the cases, the dentist uses anesthetics for numbing the oral tissue and blocking the nerves that transmit pain. If you feel any discomfort while getting a filling, you must alert the dentist so that they can take extra efforts to avoid discomfort.

How Can I Tell If I Need a Filling?

Decay and damage are the most obvious signs. However, many cavities may go unnoticed. Thus, it’s important to visit your dentist regularly so that they can examine your dental health and determine if you need a filling.

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