Consider This if You Still Want Dentures

Jan 06, 2017

You expect certain results from your dental treatment. The bonus is when a chosen, go-to treatment can be improved.

Implant supported dentures are one of those treatments. Dentures are a common and effective tooth replacement solution but (alone) they have a few downsides.

When and why dentures need help

Over time your dentures can slip and move. They can also erode your valuable gum and bone tissue.

Jawbone atrophy can affect you when wearing dentures. Solutions such as having your denture relined, re-fitted, or replaced are only temporary.

Loose, poor-fitting dentures are a sign that improvements must be made. If not, you’ll continue to experience issues that could impact your dental health.

A supportive solution

Dental implants provide a more permanent, long term fix for you, even if you prefer to keep your dentures. You can experience the security of implants AND dentures with an implant supported denture.

Picture a table with four study legs. The table remains secure and capable of supporting whatever is placed upon it because of the strong foundation provided by each supportive leg.

That’s how an implant supported denture works. Each dental implant forms a new, secure tooth root that holds your surface denture in place.

The implants are placed into your gum and bone tissue. Overtime they will adapt to your jawbone and prevent your tissue from eroding.

Your denture will be stronger, more secure, and long-lasting as a result of the implant placement. Your chewing ability and overall tooth function will improve too.

Contact your Roswell dentist about your tooth loss or issues with your current denture. Schedule an examination to discuss tooth replacement with an implant supported denture.

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