Should You Be Concerned About a Chipped Tooth?

Feb 02, 2018

It’s a good question to ask your Roswell cosmetic dentist. Personally, it can depend on how noticeable your chipped tooth is. But if there’s pain and sensitivity that’s another issue.

The two sides of a chipped tooth

The perceived upside: there’s no pain and/or it’s not visible enough to cause you any embarrassment. After all, a tooth chip is a recognized feature of some admired celebrities (notice).

Small or large, a chip on your tooth means a portion of your tooth structure is no longer available. From top to bottom each tooth is valuable to your mouth’s Eco-system.

Tooth damage (in any form) can progress into more serious issues such as cracks or worse, an entry point for oral bacteria to cause to decay or infection.

You could get into root canal territory too. This occurs when your tooth chip is near sensitive pulp and nerve tissue and doesn’t heal properly.

Avoid despair with chipped tooth repair

Minor chips can be treated and filled with dental bonding. The materials used are tooth colored and provide a natural match to your surrounding teeth.

Composite (tooth-colored) dental fillings are also an effective treatment. The filling provides protection from invasive, decay causing bacteria. The cosmetic benefit will improve your appearance too.

Large chips or fractures can require additional restoration of your tooth structure. A dental crown, a veneer, or an inlay or onlay will create a new, attractive tooth structure.

Tooth damage, including a chipped tooth, are a good reason to contact your Roswell family dentist. It’s best for your oral health to confirm that there’s no further damage to your tooth.

Contact our Roswell dental office about your chipped tooth. Schedule an examination for a diagnosis and to discuss your restorative options.

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